The Best Wedding Band Provides a “Real Music Experience” Even During the COVID-19 Pandemic

NEW YORK CITY, March 9, 2021 – The Best Wedding Band provides an authentic, brilliant musical experience at weddings despite the pressures and restrictions that the pandemic put into place. Co-founded by Gordon and Donnamarie Dukes, the band performs various music for their client’s special days, ranging from Top 40 to Swing to Country Music. They make weddings entertaining and unforgettable. While live performances are not currently possible because of
the novel coronavirus, The Best Wedding Band TM perfectly creates an experience of the up-close-and-personal feeling of a live concert.

Many wedding bands aim to bring people to the dance floor; this often spawns the belief that the louder the band is, the better and more danceable. The Best Wedding Band rejects this idea, and they believe that the quality and execution of the performance should excite and entertain instead- that’s what is essential. With a diverse music repertoire, the most talented and experienced group of musicians, and music replicating the original record, The Best Wedding Band provides a natural, exceptional experience without any tracks or mechanical adaptations.

Founded in 2010, the Best Wedding Band comprises Gordon Dukes, his partner Donnamarie, high-quality vocalists, and sound and audio engineering experts. Together, they can match a touring band’s technique, quality, and professionalism. They curate each of their shows to perfectly fit each couple’s special day, making each performance unique and entertaining.

“To have the best wedding celebration, the best music is necessary, and we provide that,” says Donnamrie.